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DÉpartement Export

    • Pour communiquer en Français ou en Espagnol : Mr. Adel Abbou
  • E-mail: adel@athisa.es
  • Tel:+34 608 714 109

export department

  • To communicate in English or Spanish : Mr. Adel Abbou
  • E-mail: adel@athisa.es
  • Tel:+34 608 714 109


The pellet absorbs up to 4 times more than wood shavings or straw. It also has a very low humidity level between 6 and %10, which translates in longer shelf life, in perfect condition before being removed. Beds are drier and more comfortable.



The pellet by mixing with ammonia in the urine neutralizes it. It means that reduces the odors considerably and the probabilities of respiratory illnesses in horses. In turn, as there are a lot fewer odors, besides it decreases the appearance of the ever pesky flies.


The pellet is denser than the wood shavings therefore requires less space for storing. In addition, it becomes more absorbent, the beds do not require change as fast as wood shavings. Therefore the cleaning time the barn is reduced by half.




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