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Export DÉpartment

    • Pour communiquer en Français ou en Espagnol : Mr. Adel Abbou
  • E-mail: adel@athisa.es
  • Tel:+34 608 714 109

export department

  • To communicate in English or Spanish : Mr. Adel Abbou
  • E-mail: adel@athisa.es
  • Tel:+34 608 714 109

Who we are

Company belonging tothe Athisa Group Web Grupo Athisa

In our plant we manage waste hardwood from grapevines integrally, converting a waste into a biomass product with high calorific valuein anenvironmentally sustainable manner.

Ourpellets are high qualityand are manufacturedthrough an eco-innovative technology.

We are located in the center of the province of Ciudad Real, an ideal logistical situation fordelivery to any point in the Iberian Peninsula.



Our facilities include the latest equipments on the market using the most appropriate technology for the process of branches. At the moment, the capacity of the plant is over 20.000 tons per year.



The production of pellets is fully industrialized and has the machinery of most modern technology available in the market. The whole production is entirely controlled during the production process which ensures the obtaining of a highest quality final product.

Our pellets are completely natural and made ​​from the branches generated in Socuéllamos and surrounding areas. There is no additives employed in its formation and the compaction of the product is carried out by pressure and thanks to the natural lignin existing in the wood.

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